We need the State to get out the way

15 Nov

If we’re going to have a free market economy, let’s have a truly free market economy. Nothing is too big to fail and nothing is too small to thrive.


Emphasis in red are mine.


” Get out of the way

I see that our Glorious Leaders, desperate to be seen to be “doing something” are planning a £50 billion splurge on “infrastructure”. Private investment will be offered the chance to build social housing, power stations, super fast broadband and toll roads. It will be presented to the country on November 29th as a “solution” to the current economic malaise and beaming politicians will sit smugly and announce that “they have found the solution”.

That is until you realise why we don’t already have social housing, power stations, super fast broadband and toll roads. Because politicians have done nothing but block them. What Government is really advocating is a restriction in the State hurdles that private investment has to go through to actually build all of the above without going bankrupt. What they are really announcing is that they will no longer stand in the way of investment. And about time too.

For the best part of half a century, politicians have sought to be the architects of society. From nationalising industries to monopolising charities, the State has grabbed every aspect of British life it could lay its hands on and regulated, licenced and monitored it. From the state of your child’s teeth to the thickness of the glass in your windows, someone, somewhere, a civil servant, has been there to check it conforms to the State hymn sheet. Armies of bureaucrats placing as many obstacles in the way of free enterprise as possible, desperate to make sure that the promises of a Politicians trumped the practicalities of actually supplying something that someone might actually want and need.

It was private investment that built the railways and the canals. It was public investment that built the sink estates that we are now pulling down as they are not fit for man or beast. Trillions poured into the vanity projects of those who will tell us “they know better” until as usual, they catastrophically fail because if they should have been built, the market would have built them already. Plenty more money from the taxpayer to have another go, eh?

Except there isn’t anymore. Business tells us it needs a high speed rail link to Northern Britain. I have no argument with that as long as not one penny of public money is invested in it. Let business raise the capital and let business build it. If it needs subsidies, drown it at birth in a bucket of warm water under the bed. All the midwife of the State needs to do is make sure that cord is cut and the whole screaming bundle is handed back to the rightful parents to care for and nourish.

When the State gets out of the way, you will see houses built for £40K, because, call me old fashioned, I’m pretty sure there IS a demand for £40K houses. When the State gets out of the way, you will see private investment supply what is required by us, the people and not what a Politician has decided we deserve. I want power stations that produce cheap electricity, not a power station that ticks the correct boxes of a Political Elite desperate to make their mark in history books. I’d like to build 10 houses in my neighbourhood and sell them for a price people can afford. I’m no fool, if I can’t do it, I’ll go bust and won’t run screaming to the taxpayer to pick up the tab of my ill judged investment.

We need the State to get out the way of failing banks, farmers who won’t farm properly, car manufacturers that can’t sell cars and all the other recipients of our hard earned cash. Let them go to the wall, pick up the pieces and build it properly, without the meddling of Ministers who wouldn’t know a balance sheet if it smacked them between the eyes. We need to see an end to Lobbyists who have to bribe Government to get around the hurdles put in place by Government. We need to see us, the people, telling Private Enterprise what we are happy to pay for and what we are happy for them to make a profit from, not some 5 year elected fantasist mandating that white is black and demanding we all finance the swap over to the “new way of identifying colour”.

You see, when we get what we want, we’ll be happy – just ask the owner of an iPad. And no, Minister, you do NOT know better than us what that is, no matter what your “policy steering committee” tells you. It is our money, give us the freedom to spend it where we choose, not where you dictate.

We need to rebuild the damage you’ve done and we will decide what our future looks like, based on our needs and wants using our hard earned money. In short, dear Government, get out of the way, we’re coming through. ”


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