Poppies: who do we remember

12 Nov


” Not sure I could define it any better than this bloke!

Please don’t beat my head in for not supporting the troops. You see, I don’t support the troops, because I don’t support the “wars” they are fighting. I’m sorry if that offends you to the point of violence against me, but here are the facts:

  1. I don’t support murder, and therefore don’t support the murderers.
  2. I don’t support rape, and therefore don’t support the rapists.
  3. I don’t support nation building, and therefore I don’t support the nation builders.
  4. I don’t support theft, and therefore don’t support the thieves.
  5. I don’t support the the war, and therefore don’t support the warriors.

Is it such a horrific thought that our men in uniform aren’t acting in the best interest of the people of the United States? That they aren’t protecting our rights, but instead infringing on all other peoples rights in the name of corporatism? Or that they are now poised, locked, and loaded to do the same to the people of America… their own people?

Has the madness of being a privileged American become such a barrier to logic, reason, and self-awareness that we so easily conform with such emotional fervor to this silly catchphrase – “Support the troops, not the war” – and then beat down all those who see the complete paradox of that completely illogical, irrational slogan?

By supporting the troops, we the taxpayers are in fact supporting the wars.

Take it for what you will, but… I do not support the troops because I do not support the wars!

And that should be a good enough reason for any decent, thinking human being.

Gonna beat me up now and call me an un-American – terrorist – insurgent?

P.S… War is peace.

Clint Richardson (
Friday, November 11th, 2011 “


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