Occupy Leeds needs:

11 Nov

Although any ‘Occupy XXXXXXX…’ protest does not address the real issues (fiat money, strawman, political corruption, imaginary debts, etc.) any & all protests should be supported – The Powers That Be need to told that we do not consent to our enslavement.


Camp Essentials

Cooking, Water & Food
  • Water carriers / containers
  • Stoves and fuel
  • Pans and cooking utensils
  • Bowls, plates, mugs and cutlery
  • Stove / camping kettle
  • Tea bags / instant coffee, UHT milk, milk powder, sugar
  • Tea / Coffee earns, to allow us to provide warm drinks to volunteers and the public
  • Cool bags / boxes
  • Perimeter / cordon marking tape
  • Torches / head torches
  • Bucket with sand
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Washing up bowl, washing up liquid, clothes and sponges
  • Card for sign making
  • Marker pens
  • Tape, string or twine
  • Sticky-back plastic
  • Bust cards

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