In case a wasp takes offence

08 Nov

Never to beat about the bush, Old Holborn strikes again.


” Put the lid back on the Jam

Here we go again. The spectre of immigration is raising its ugly head again as the Head of the Border Agency is in deep politicial trouble for not inspecting the passports of non EU visitors to the UK with sufficient rigor and surprise surprise, the Nigerian in charge of vetting visas for the UK has been nicked for yes, you guessed it, handing out fake visas to Nigerians in return for bribes.

Now, 419 scammers aside, you do have to ask why so many still want to come to the UK. I’m pretty sure that if I could get a green card for the US or a visa for New Zealand, I’d would have been gone a long time ago. As it is, I’ve lived in various different countries in Europe and I can honestly say, hand on heart, I NEVER stowed away in lorry knowing that I could get free housing in Germany or sign on to welfare on arrival in France. I went because it suited my ambitions, paid well and stimulated my intellect to live in a different culture to my own.

Now ponder, if YOU heard of a land of milk and honey where instead of sitting under a tree all day surrounded by goats and civil war, you could receive free housing, free education, free medical care, not just for you but your entire family, for LIFE, would you risk everything to get here? Of course you would. Therein lies the problem with UK immigration. It is a pot of jam that no one has the courage to put the lid back on in case a wasp takes offence.

We NEED workers from abroad to do the work we pay our non workers not to do. Like it or not, a welfare system that can support a household of six to never do a days work is going to result in households of six never doing a days work. You and I both know plenty of people who have never worked and have not the slightest intention of working as long as they have access to benefits. Politicians can’t really address the issue because alas, those who take can also vote for the grinning politician who spouts he will introduce more taxes on those who do work to cover the benefits bill of those who won’t. They’ll huff and puff but none has the courage to say “if you can afford Sky TV at the expense of the taxpayer, we’ll deduct it from your benefits”.

Fine, we agree that we need foreign workers because our system is upside down. So we import workers and the fields get harvested, your plumbing gets fixed and a baby is delivered by a midwife from Mauritius. Everybody is happy. Then the wasps turn up to feast on the jam because we’ve left the lid off again.

An example. Britain now has 108,000 somali born immigrants, who used to sit under a tree, surrounded by goats and civil war. Now they sit under a British tree and chew Khat all day. Just 40% of Somali immigrant men work for a living whilst the rest reside on benefits – and here’s the point – because they can.

Please do not misinterpret this statment as racist or nationalisitic. I have no problem with anybody coming to the UK and sitting under a tree and chewing Khat all day as long as they are not asking me to finance it in any way. But they are. There are queues at Sangatte in Northern France of people desperately trying to get to the UK in the back of a truck to do exactly that. I can’t blame them, wouldn’t you too if the chance was there?

So now a new plan to limit migrant workers to only those earning above £35,000 has been hatched to cover those who we actually need (scientists, engineers etc.,) but STILL nobody dare put the lid back on the jam jar. Certainly, those earning over £35K were never going to be a drain on the welfare system anyway, so in reality, nothing has changed – at all.

What would be so wrong with simply stating that if you cannot support yourself and your family, then it is not acceptable to demand your chosen host nation do it for you on arrival? I’m loathe enough to do it for born and bred cockneys, let alone someone whose only life skill is cuddling an AK47 in the desert or hand ploughing with a water buffalo. If you can show me a business plan that says you will add value to society by busking with panpipes on the Tube, unfinanced by the taypayer, then I’m all ears, jump aboard, but with the Council no longer hiring Urdu Outreach facilitators or “cultural awareness coordinators”, the chances of you not being a burden to me and my fellow citizens are slim. And frankly, we have enough of our own home grown burdens currently glued to the Jeremy Kyle show to even think about having it translated into 27 other languages at our cost.

Now then, who do I need to bribe to get a visa for Utopia? ”


One response to “In case a wasp takes offence

  1. Lydia

    2011-11-08 at 09:00

    Hi good article! I agree wholeheartedly with you article and no you are not being racist, this a fact that their are leeches coming to this country for an easy ride on the backs of the long suffering indigenous. But hopefully this will change soon.


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