Freemen kidnapped and released

29 Oct


Yesterday: “IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! I have just been directly informed by new site owner Andy, (Red Leader/Admin) that he, Ray St.Clair (Rebel Leader), Sovereign Man and 6 other fellow frontline rebels have just been held in Redhill Courts cells. The judge has abducted them on the administrative corporate version of ‘contempt of court’. Spread the word.

Today: “Hi Rebels … we have all been released with no charges for the contempt of court … But some of us have been ear marked for alleged assault … Which I can assure you are absolutely trumped up allegations from the security guards who were on duty today … because one of them physically took down one of the freemen, pinned him to the floor whilst punching him in the stomach … this caused some of us to try to stop the security guard from assaulting and hurting the freeman. The security guard caused some physical injuries to the freeman and a medic was called to check him over, he will need to see his doctor tomorrow for further medical checks. So I can honestly say that Ray & myself (Andy) the new owner of Freedom Rebels have now done a bit of time together lol … because we spent about four & a half hours in the same cell.


One response to “Freemen kidnapped and released

  1. Lydia

    2011-10-31 at 09:31

    This is getting out of hand! These so-called courts are a joke! with their goon squads called security guards who have no right over any one, think they are above the law. good on the freemen. HOPE THEY ARE ALRIGHT!


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