Rickets & Parenting

28 Oct

Anthony‘s comment from: Yahoo! News’ article on “Cases Of Children Suffering From Rickets Soar” (

” Not a massive surprise. Thanks to the media convincing bad parents that letting your child outside for less then thirty seconds will lead to them being raped, given skin cancer, kidnapped by Muslim fundamentalists, shanked by hoodies or turned into a drunken delinquient by peer pressure, they just plonk them in front of the TV or a console all day. Obviously they know where they are then, because the tubby, bow-legged little shut-ins are too lazy to move from the couch.

This is bad nutrition coupled with bad parenting. A good parent will ensure that a growing child gets a chance to play outside. They will walk them to school instead of driving them the three meters it takes. They will make sure they do something other then sit around squinting at a screen all day. They will try and raise a well-rounded individual instead of a spherical little blob monster.

But of course that is way too much effort for too many of our parents. The TV makes a good babysitter, and giving a child crisps and a console keeps them quiet. There was a study a year or so ago that found more and more seven year olds are coming to school in nappies because their parents didn’t bother to toilet train them, hoping it was going to be done for them in school. It is really a sign that we might as well close up shop and not bother anymore.”


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