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Maurice Kirk: Silenced for he knows too much


This is the Defence Statement that Maurice put together in his prison cell – against all odds:

  • on hunger strike, having lost 14 kg so far
  • Cardiff prison denies Maurice Kirk is on hunger strike
  • he has been denied certain letters sent to him, possibly from his legal representatives.

He has been denied seeing a doctor now for 2 weeks, which is totally unacceptable as he has a serious medical condition – bleeding stomach ulcers which need immediate treatment – an endoscopy too. He states in a phone call {below} they refused to take a blood test today, and refused to weigh him – this would prove his being on hunger strike, and he has already lost 9 kg in weight since entering Cardiff prison. Due to his medical condition he needs to be monitored constantly, which the prison are refusing to do. He was also bedridden for a while on entry and still is refused treatment in the hospital wing there, apart from being denied him seeing a doctor, apparently on orders from “someone high up”.

Maurice has been to crown court twice recently where they have refused to hear his bail applications.

Other rights have been withdrawn from him = viz. phone call allowance, stationary etc. Put simply – he is being silenced as he knows too much.

The phone calls received today were in files too big to send in the normal way, but the 2 phone calls I received from Maurice from Cardiff prison today are here:

1} Description: MAURICE 1 PHONE 26 OCT MP3 file:

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the 2nd file = WMV video file:


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Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.


Norman Scarth’s account of his arrest

The real terrorists wear uniforms.


Wed. 26th October 2011: c10am, a knock on the door of my Sheltered Housing flat. I opened it on the chain; pleasant looking young woman said, “My grandmother is moving into the flat next door, but she’s having (unspecified) trouble with the fridge. Can you help her?”. “Certainly” said I, “just wait till I’ve put some clothes on instead of my pyjamas”. I put on shirt, trousers & flip-flop sandal, & walked down the passage. As I reached the door, ‘Grandma’ showed herself to be not one wolf (as in Red Riding Hood), but FOUR of them who pounced on me & snapped handcuffs on while gabbling something about arresting me for some ridiculous ‘offence’ or other. They refused to allow me back in my flat to close down my computer, turn off the oven, electrics etc, or get some warmer clothing. These 5 officers had come 14 miles from Leeds to indulge in this trickery (as when thieving pimps use their prostitutes to lure victims to where they can be robbed). Unbeknown to me they had also sent several officers to arrest Tracey (my honorary niece) who had done nothing more than give me a lift in her car.

I was then taken to Bradford South ‘Lubyanka’ Police Station & kept there in solitary (apart from seeing the Duty Solicitor) until midnight, when I was charged with 2 ridiculous ‘offences’ & released on bail to make my own way home, dressed only in trousers, shirt & flip-flop sandals. Still in shock & very cold, I had to wait 15 minutes for a taxi.

Worse than the police trickery was that ‘Incommunities Ltd’, the owners of this block of ‘Sheltered’ Housing, had conspired with the police as to how to lure me from my flat, & provided these thugs with access to the next door flat to hide in, them to jump me.

Arriving back home I found they had stolen my computer, mobile phone & other things. I learned that Tracey had been released after 10 hours, without charge, but her laptop had also been stolen.

I am to appear at Leeds Magistrates’ Court, room 5 at 1.45pm on Thursday 17th November to answer two charges of “Using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour or disorderly behaviour within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused alarm, harassment or distress, thereby, and that the offence was religiously aggravated within the terms of section 28 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998”.

Only the most TWISTED of minds could use the words ‘religiously activated’ because I was telling people of the criminality of ‘Judge’ Jonathan Rose (who happens to be a Jew), when I was one of those who had fought to keep from our shores those who would have sent British Jews to the gas chambers – as they did with French Jews after they had defeated that country!

It is clear now that when pouncing on me they had no idea what to charge me with: after I had been in the Lubyanka for 9 hours, they said they were going to get on to the Crown Prosecution Service to decide what charges to prefer, & “this will take about 2 hours”!

My computer having been stolen, a friend has connected me back the Internet with an old, slow, laptop. My list of email addresses was on the stolen computer, so I do not have all of them now, & ask that you spread this world-wide please. I am anxious to get this off, but this computer being so slow, I may not send many more for the time being.

I would have been less shocked if they had used a battering ram to get into my flat rather than the conspiracy with the Warden & owners of this ‘Sheltered’ Housing property. I am slowly coming back to normal &, with suggestions from other people, think I may be able to beat these malicious charges.

Many thanks to all my supporters. As with putting me in prison last time, though bad for me, it may turn out to be the worst thing they could have done from their own point of view, in that the rest of the world will become more aware of the iniquities of Police State Britain.


Norman Scarth


Norman Scarth lured out of ‘sheltered’ flat to be arrested!!!


After midnightI got this call from poor Norman, terrorised over what had happened to him after 14 hours of torment and torture – never knowing what might happen:

  1. at 10am in the morning, a young lady asks him to help her and her granny next door who was just moving in
  2. he dresses casually to be helpful –
  3. only to be welcomed by FIVE police officers telling him that he is arrested.

The empty flat must have been offered by the management company “InCommunities Ltd” to the police!

Taken 14 miles away to Leeds, he spent a whole day in a cell on a hard bench when, really, his spinal condition requires change of position and a special bed.

Eventually, a solicitor came, but he was only released close to midnight. Two ridiculous charges and he is supposed to appear before the court on November 17th.

Released on bail, under all sorts of conditions, and he could return – on his own – to be home after midnight.

Meanwhile, his computer was seized with his appeal papers and his mobile. Thus he has no phone numbers!

PLEASE ring him on 0127 454 1213!

It’s called a ‘honeytrap’, he thinks…

And his niece Tracy was arrested and released, too! Of course, computers and phones are the ‘externalised brains’. So “they” take them and have your contacts! “


Rickets & Parenting

Anthony‘s comment from: Yahoo! News’ article on “Cases Of Children Suffering From Rickets Soar” (

” Not a massive surprise. Thanks to the media convincing bad parents that letting your child outside for less then thirty seconds will lead to them being raped, given skin cancer, kidnapped by Muslim fundamentalists, shanked by hoodies or turned into a drunken delinquient by peer pressure, they just plonk them in front of the TV or a console all day. Obviously they know where they are then, because the tubby, bow-legged little shut-ins are too lazy to move from the couch.

This is bad nutrition coupled with bad parenting. A good parent will ensure that a growing child gets a chance to play outside. They will walk them to school instead of driving them the three meters it takes. They will make sure they do something other then sit around squinting at a screen all day. They will try and raise a well-rounded individual instead of a spherical little blob monster.

But of course that is way too much effort for too many of our parents. The TV makes a good babysitter, and giving a child crisps and a console keeps them quiet. There was a study a year or so ago that found more and more seven year olds are coming to school in nappies because their parents didn’t bother to toilet train them, hoping it was going to be done for them in school. It is really a sign that we might as well close up shop and not bother anymore.”

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