Uninvited Persons Doorstep Questionaire Form

23 Oct


Brief questionnaire prior to discussion of a Legal matter.

If you are calling here today in order to discuss a legal matter of any kind, it is company procedure with regard to security and health & safety matters, that you provide the necessary security details before we can disclose any private details or information with you.

In order to comply with the above procedure, please complete this form.

If you cannot provide the information required, regrettably it will not be possible to continue any matter, as procedure does not allow discussion with individuals who fail to adhere to this policy. Individuals who do not comply with this procedure will be considered as trespassers entering into unlawful access on private property and land.

1. What is your full name:

2. Are you here representing yourself or a company:

3. What is the Name of the Company you represent:

4. What is your trading address or the address of the company you represent:

5. Registration Number of your Vehicle:

6. What is the telephone number of the company you represent:

7. What is your job title within the company:

8. Name of Person, or other, you wish to speak with:

9. Brief outline of matter to be discussed:

10. Do you have proof that you any authority over me? Yes / No (delete as appropriate) (If yes, please provide documented proof of having been given authority over me, by me.)

You will also need to provide proof of a valid signed contract between you and I, should you wish to discuss any matter pertaining to Licenses, Debts, Fees, Charges, or any matter concerning a 3rd party.

Your signature: __________________________ Dated: ___________________ “

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Posted by on 2011-10-23 in Corporations, Debt, Law


One response to “Uninvited Persons Doorstep Questionaire Form

  1. Feldmeier & Feldmeier

    2011-10-23 at 17:12

    Brillant!……….will print some out!


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