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Jury Nullification – Flyer



The Power of the Jury: DID YOU KNOW?

THAT AS A JUROR, you have the power to reject both the application of law and evidence and decide a case on conscience. The jury’s purpose has always been to assess both whether a law has been broken and whether the law itself has been justly applied – that is: should the case have been brought to court.

Every jury in the land is tampered with and falsely instructed by the judge when it is told that it must accept as the law that which has been given to them or that they must bring in a certain verdict or that they can decide only on the facts of the case” Lord Denman.


Jury nullification, as it is known, is one of the essential checks and balances we have established to ensure our leaders enact laws that benefit us and not them.

Jury nullification is where a jury deliberately rejects the evidence or refuses to apply the law either because the jury wants to send a message about a social issue or because the result dictated by the law is against the jury’s sense of justice or morality.” (

Jury nullification gives the right to acquit someone on the grounds that the application of law is wrong in a particular case, or that the law itself is wrong.

When to nullify:

Consider the prosecution, under the Misuse of Drugs Act, of a person for small-scale cultivation or personal possession of cannabis being used to ease pain and suffering (that is, medically). We should ask: was that law introduced to punish people who grow or use a plant to their benefit, when they do no harm?

Of course not – it was meant to reduce damage from drugs misuse!

Then maybe such a prosecution is a mis-application of the law and good reason to return a verdict of NOT GUILTY, whatever judges and barristers say!

[A PUBLIC Information Document – please COPY and DISTRIBUTE freely] “


V for Victory – Lawful Rebellion Poster



Uninvited Persons Doorstep Questionaire Form


Brief questionnaire prior to discussion of a Legal matter.

If you are calling here today in order to discuss a legal matter of any kind, it is company procedure with regard to security and health & safety matters, that you provide the necessary security details before we can disclose any private details or information with you.

In order to comply with the above procedure, please complete this form.

If you cannot provide the information required, regrettably it will not be possible to continue any matter, as procedure does not allow discussion with individuals who fail to adhere to this policy. Individuals who do not comply with this procedure will be considered as trespassers entering into unlawful access on private property and land.

1. What is your full name:

2. Are you here representing yourself or a company:

3. What is the Name of the Company you represent:

4. What is your trading address or the address of the company you represent:

5. Registration Number of your Vehicle:

6. What is the telephone number of the company you represent:

7. What is your job title within the company:

8. Name of Person, or other, you wish to speak with:

9. Brief outline of matter to be discussed:

10. Do you have proof that you any authority over me? Yes / No (delete as appropriate) (If yes, please provide documented proof of having been given authority over me, by me.)

You will also need to provide proof of a valid signed contract between you and I, should you wish to discuss any matter pertaining to Licenses, Debts, Fees, Charges, or any matter concerning a 3rd party.

Your signature: __________________________ Dated: ___________________ “

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Maurice Kirk: Chronology of Collusion – Or Shall we Dare Call it Conspiracy?



Chronology of Collusion – or Dare we Call it Conspiracy?

This chronology was written by Maurice J Kirk BVSc. Remember he was struck off the Register of Veterinary Surgeons and known as the ‘flying vet’, as he was also a famous pilot. South Wales Police colluded with lawyers to get him struck off with their 40 odd ‘incidents of harassment’ for which Maurice is trying to claim damages since 20 years. But in the process of trying to get fair trails and compensation, he’s encountered what other victims of white collar crimes have experienced:

  • any variation of “fraud”: a crime and a civil law violation,
  • the non-investigation of crimes by Police,
  • corruption among solicitors, judges and court staff,
  • the absence of fair trials (Article 6) and an effective remedy before national authorities (Article 13) according to the European Convention on Human Rights
  • and generally, in mild terms, dishonesty and white collar crimes.

Maurice wrote the chronology below whilst in Cardiff Prison since 23 rd September 2011 – without any written documentation for the reasons of his current imprisonment. His conditions are more than draconian: no medical attention, limits to stamps, paper, pen, envelopes, no law books and above all, lies about him refusing to attend court, when, in fact, he hasn’t been told about hearings.

Only on 13th October was he before a Magistrates Court where I witnessed four allegations before the Court. That day only one was dealt with: the harassment of Dr Tegwyn Williams, the forensic psychiatrist responsible for labelling him with “paranoid delusional disorder”, “significant brain damage” and “possible brain tumour”. Maurice was not granted bail. When I visited him in prison six days later (that was the waiting time imposed on us!), he said that he knew he wouldn’t get bail. For he is a ‘political’ prisoner. His case for damages must not get before the courts, because South Wales Police are made to look not just guilty of bullying and harassment, but also like fools. For the way that they treated the replica of a machine gun, attached to an historic aeroplane, was distinctly over the top: armed police officers with helicopter, imprisonment for nearly eight months, three of which in a psychiatric clinic, MAPPA (Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangement) registration, as if he was a terrorist or sex offender. Leaked documents revealed that South Wales Police had a ‘shoot to kill’ policy.

Of course, your personal experiences that formed your outlook on life in general and justice in particular will determine how you respond to this account. From my perspective as web publisher and McKenzie Friend of many victims of white collar crimes, this is distinctly the worst in terms of police harassment and yet it confirms what many others have experienced:

  • The lack of integrity that lawyers and judges have demonstrated, thus causing victims to represent themselves
    • o Maurice has failed to find legal representation for the adversarial system that lawyers rely upon for their livelihood can’t possibly be questioned
  • The serious disadvantage that Litigants in Person experience
    • o Instead of victims getting fair trials and access to justice, solicitors are expected to make money from representing them – independent of the outcome for victims
  • The desperate need for any organisation to ‘save face’ rather than admit to any mistake – whether it’s Haringey Council regarding the stealing of six Nigerian children or South Wales Police regarding the ‘machine gun’ as ‘possessing and trading with firearms’:
    • o In 2009, ten Cardiff judges “believed” the statements by Dr Tegwyn Williams that Maurice was “too dangerous to be released”
    • o In 2011, his bail application was apparently heard, but Maurice wasn’t told in prison and couldn’t be there, could he…


1993 Crown Court ignored Witness Affidavit recording police at Magistrates Court saying “We will get the bastard talking human rights.”#

1993 Magistrates sent me to prison until Police identified me.

1997 Crown Court ignored the CPS Barrister who summed up in his letter to the RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) of CPS/ Police / HM Court Service (Wales) conspiracy to alter or withhold documents

1998 Crown Court ignored Jury complaining of senior police officer signalling to each of his mates during their cross examination

1999 CPS ignored proven Police conspiracy, on oath, to frame me under the Terrorism Act, of flying my aircraft to Southern Ireland

2001 Current trial judge, in my damages claim, acting then as Crown Court judge, ignored my GP and surgeon’s medical reports that I was unable to attend court, dismissing my motoring appeal and later, in 2010, dismissing it as part of my civil claim

2001 Magistrates had to dismiss all charges, but ignore the fact that all four Police motoring allegations were fabricated

2003 County Court manager’s clandestine activities refuse my barrister sight of court files, sending and losing some of my 130 files to HM Solicitor General’s Office in Whitehall, attempting to have me registered as vexatious litigant. County Court staff later leak internal memos as proof that the investigation continued for at least 5 years.

2004 County Court appeal, heard in Swansea, refused me a Jury Trial for damages claim. I’m refused a Jury for any combination of the 35 police incidents in the first three of my eight civil actions for damages. Appeal was heard by an earlier judge in 1987, in the civil proceedings, just to keep it in the family.

2005 County Court refuses to order Police disclosure of relevant incident numbers (I’d lost them) of around 100 Police Officers on their PNC (Police National Computer).

2008 County Court refuses me access to Court building, unless in Court hearing. County Court allows Police to continue withholding identity of now 150 Police Officers in some 70 incidents, all subject to litigation for damages.

2009 Magistrates refuse ‘due process’ of my private prosecution, following Chief Constable’s false sworn Affidavit stating she was ‘unaware’ of Police break-in to my veterinary surgery, identification of Police at 35 recorded incidents and Magistrates hearings, all supporting the evidence of a conspiracy to pervert the Course of Justice

2009 Crown Court, HM Court Service and CPS all withhold prior knowledge of MAPPA conspiracy, weeks before my June arrest for being in possession of a machine gun that Police were aware their conduct was likely to get me shot. This was later confirmed by MAPPA minutes leaked from Caswell Clinic, Psychiatric Prison, Bridgend.

2009 60 th law firm refused to represent me, while Crown Court judges tried to get me to employ their laundered variety of independent legal representation 2009 Nine Crown Court judges knew or should have known, when refusing bail, that the Police forensic history was false and had employed a rogue Dr Tegwyn Williams to falsify a psychiatric report without patient examination and later stating I had ‘significant brain damage’ and possibly brain tumour with neither qualification or evidence.

2009/10 Successive Crown Court judges deliberately ignored my applications for proper disclosure which would have shown Police painted the ‘machine gun’ a different colour to fool the Jury, leaving me to cause the Jury to ask “Just how many machine guns feature in this case?”

2009 During my custody, my trial judge for civil action hands down a £50,000 compensation judgement on my

2008 false imprisonment only for it to be overturned in a lower Court, by a District Judge. He accepted, if you wish to believe it, that the same HM Court Manager as in 2003, ‘forgot’ to serve the Particulars of Claim despite Police, the 2nd Defendant, admitting receiving it, with prisoner not allowed to produce any affidavit or record from the then Governor, in rebuttal.

2010 Crown Court refused to order NHS / Caswell Clinic / South Wales Police to disclose my full medical records during my custody. I am sent to prison for arguing. This leads to nine months of litigation delay, due to ill health and refused medical County Court trial judge refuses to prosecute Police lawyers who, despite his previous order to disclose, continue to this day to refuse to reveal their joint statement of complaint with the Chief Constable to have me arrested by armed police unit with helicopter of that year.

2011 Both Crown and Magistrates Court block ongoing private prosecution first accepted in English Court with both Welsh Courts ignoring my correspondence and now blocking my access to their public counter.

Sept. Magistrates oppose my bail accepting South Wales Police PNC printout falsely identifying under ‘Warning’: firearms, weapons, violent, escaper, sex offender and long list including 08/09/11 “states concealed items in his rectum in 2008 to effect escape.”

Oct. Both Crown & Magistrates accept HM Prison lying that I refuse to attend Court for bail applications. Both Courts are aware I am refused proper medical attention for over 7 days in prison, have refused me letters, stamps / canteen from private cash, access to telephone or appropriate staff to liaise with courts.

Oct 12 th I will continue my hunger strike until I have return of my legal papers from Police, I obtain appropriate medical attention, a writ of Habeas Corpus appropriately filed in the right Court, a successful Crown Court appeal for bail, Welsh acceptance of filed private prosecutions and / or proper Police disclosure in my civil actions to allow my lawyers to serve on Dr Tegwyn Williams appropriate Particulars of Claim for punitive damages with Police as Co-Defendant.

In his commitment of helping and supporting other victims, Maurice made remarkable efforts of finding out where the six stolen Nigerian children are. In the process he got himself arrested three times which, ultimately led to him being transferred to HMP Cardiff.

His statements relating to these arrests are:

  1. Criminal Damage
  2. Public Order Charge
  3. Conspiracy to Abduct Children “

William K. Black’s Theory of Corporate Fraud


“William K. Black is a former senior deputy chief counsel at the federal Office of Thrift Supervision. During the savings and loan crisis of the late 1980s Black investigated accounting fraud. He spoke with Huffington Post Senior Reporter, David Heath, about how fraud can infiltrate entire corporations.”

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