Cameron: EU Referendum Lies

22 Oct

When are we going to learn NOT to elect serial liars?

IF YOU ARE GOING TO VOTE, only vote are an independent candidate!


David Cameron: We need a referendum now


“He demanded it right up to the time he moved into No 10. A couple of slaps from the true wielders of power, and he changed his tune.

He is a liar.

Liar! Liar! Liar!

You may want to chant that on Monday 24th October.

You may want to remind his spineless fellow party members just who they report to.

You may want to voice your disgust, your contempt, and your outrage.

You may want to shame him into keeping his promise.

Details on how you can do ALL of that are below.


“The vote in Parliament on a European Union referendum was scheduled to happen next Thursday 27th October. However the government has now switched the date of the vote to this Monday 24th October after ministers were worried about the huge number of people the People’s Pledge would be able to mobilise to lobby Parliament.This is an outrageous attempt to stifle debate and peaceful protest. Not only does the government not want to have a referendum on the EU, but they want to shut down the debate altogether.

We need you to contact your MP again. MPs from all parties are being pressured by their whips to toe the party line and oppose a referendum. They need your support to combat party pressure and must hear from you in the next 48 hours. Please act now.

What you can do.

STEP 1: Ring your MP

Call your MP on 0207 219 3000 – This is the House of Commons switchboard. Please ask to speak to your MP about the EU referendum vote. Tell your MP that you have signed the People’s Pledge and that you want them to vote in favour of an EU referendum.  Inform them that, through the People’s Pledge website, you will watch how they have voted and will take this into account at the next general election.

STEP 2: Email your MP

Even if you have already done so, do it again.
Tell them how annoyed you are that the day of the vote has now changed and that the parties are forcing their MPs to vote against the EU referendum that polls show a majority of people want. Remember you must give your name and address so that your MP can respond. Please forward to us any responses that you get.

Contact your MP here

STEP 3 : Join us in lobbying Parliament on the new date Monday 24th October.

The People’s Pledge are holding an official lobby of Parliament on the 24th of Octoberand we would like you to attend. We have secured permission to hold a group lobby of MPs in person before the vote in Parliament. To do this you must arrive at 2pm at St Stephen’s Entrance where supporters will start to queue to lobby their MPs.

The next 4 days are vital and we need as many of you to get involved as possible. To generate maximum pressure on MPs don’t just complete one of these steps; please do all three, and forward this email as widely as possible.

The People’s Pledge Team”

Re-blogged from here with the greatest of pleasure.

CR. “

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