The End of Entitlement

18 Oct

More wise words from Old Holborn.

I’m self-employed and work 60 to 70 hours a week for less than minimal pay – my choice! I rely upon myself. No benefits, no grants, no hand-outs! And I look after/care for a disable 63 year old woman.


(Emphasis in red are mine)

“I’ve been watching the various “occupy Wall St” campaigns via Twitter and other media and it seems to me that the protesters are a mixed bunch. Some are sick of rich bankers heading up bankrupt banks and corporations with taxpayer bailouts, some are simply demanding jobs, some are demanding socialism and a larger State (to protect them from themselves and the real world, presumably) but it cannot be denied that there is a new movement of protest taking place.

We saw similar protests in the UK a while back, with those who had everything to gain from a large state complaining bitterly that their gravy train could no longer be funded by endless borrowing as the money had run out, and they might actually have to pay for their degree in Organic Aromatherapy instead of simply sending you and I the bill. Some even “occupied” Fortnum and Masons, that evil empire that forces the homeless in off the street to spend their benefits on Tuscan Lavender bath oil to make Capitalists even richer.

Sorry, but it has to happen – for the sake of our futures. The age of “entitlement” is over. Little darlings who cannot behave themselves on the school bus will no longer be ferried to school by an armada of expensive mini cabs. Specially adapted cars will no longer be supplied at great public expense to convey the morbidly obese to the betting shop, popping off at Greggs for another pasty on the way. More than a decade of pandering to every whim and vested interest in the hope of more votes has created an enormous industry dedicated to “giving the people what they want” without a care in the world as to who was actually going to pay for it all.

And now the chickens are coming home to roost. No longer can you march into Social Services and declare that “it’s all doing my head in” and expect an army of social workers to descend by magic and put your chaotic life back on course. No more handouts to keep you glued to the sofa and the next thrilling instalment of Jeremy Kyle. No more non jobs at the council to keep you busy pushing pointless bits of paper around an office all day whilst looking forward to a gold plated pension.

We spent a decade becoming throughly drunk on entitlement. Everything was a right, to be demanded and grabbed greedily with both hands as if by electing Politicians who promised a land of milk of honey for all, they could suddenly deliver what has never been possible before. Those protesting in Wall Street are demanding slices of a cake to which they contributed nothing. They aren’t complaining that the Government is handing out other peoples money, they are complaining that the Government isn’t handing out other peoples money to THEM.

We are entering a new age of self reliance, whether we like it or not. If your elderly parent is not being cared for properly in the beloved NHS hospital, then take them home and care for them yourself. Don’t scream that they haven’t been properly fed or watered whilst you were at work all day hitting the sales targets that will get you the new BMW to impress the neighbours. Don’t bleat that you will have to wait until you are 70 before you can retire. You can retire anytime you want as long as you aren’t asking me to pay your bills for you. Don’t expect the government to tell you that eating 5 doughnuts for breakfast is not healthy for you, it’s YOUR life, not theirs.

Of course, I don’t expect the benefits addicted millions to shake off the habits of a decade overnight, but if we want less government, then we’ll have to put up with what less government actually means. Taking responsibility for yourself, your family and your life. I can imagine for many this is absolutely terrifying but the choice is stark. Do as they tell you, or do as you like. If you want your arse wiped, feel free to vote for those who promise to wipe your arse for you – trust me, the choice is enormous – but the minute I am expected and forced to pay for a service you demand “as a right”, you place me and others in financial obligations we never willingly agreed to. And they call us Libertarians selfish, eh? ”


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