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Our monarch kow-tows to Brussels

From Captain Ranty :

“I thought you would like to see an email I received this morning.


I saw an interesting letter in the Portman Papers (Jan 99) about the status of the Queen vis a vis the C of E and Sovereignty. I think I can shed some light on the matter.
At the time just before the last (in both senses) election, I became very concerned about the Queen in Parliament no longer being ‘Sovereign under God’. I was also very concerned about the fact that, as a clergyman in the Established Church, I have been required to take the Oath of Allegiance. I asked the question: “to whom do I owe this allegiance?” Not being very legally minded I put this matter initially to our Diocesan chancellor. He has no idea and so consulted the Registrar in Westminster. A day or so later he phoned me back with the following (verbal) reply, which I will now relay as accurately as I can.
“The question has been asked recently by someone else. The Registrar therefore consulted Buckingham Palace concerning the Oath. The Palace consulted Brussels, who replied that the Oath could stand as it was for the present.”
After that I had to take the mental equivalent of a stiff brandy! The implication is quite clear: the Queen is a vassal of Brussels (or why consult them?) and those who have taken this Oath (such as the Police, MPs, Judges, Armed Forces, etc.) are liable to have this Oath called in by Brussels when it suits them. May God have mercy on us!
Philip Foster MA February 1999.

Now, are any of you still in any doubt that your monarch kow-tows to Brussels? Do any of you still disbelieve the evidence that your monarch has violated her oath to you?

Maybe this will make you realise why Cameron will never give us that referendum on Europe. Maybe this is why the monarch has wilfully ignored the 800,000 good men and women of Britain who have sent her their affidavits.

Maybe, just maybe, you will now all see that Lawful Rebellion is the only (peaceful) tool left in the box.

The monarch reigns at our pleasure. We gave her the Sovereignty she wields. We trusted her to defend us from foreign powers. Through her we give power to the MPs, to the armed forces, to the police service, to UKBA, HMRC and all the others. But here we discover that the “boss” is no longer the boss. She now reports to that unelected bunch of misfits and no-hopers in Brussels. In turn, that means that every single agent of the government also reports to the same power-hungry freaks in Brussels.

Is that what you want? Were you ever told that being “governed by consent” meant that you agreed absolutely with every shady deal the elected MPs signed up to? Was it explained to you in any of the queens speeches that she would one day hand our nation over to the EU?

Many people see the royals as remote, perhaps inbred, or worse, they think they are just ornamental. They may be all of those things but they (or she, at least) is meant to be an integral part of our tripartite system of rule. This new material clearly states that she is subservient to Brussels. So we don’t really need her anymore. The MPs we need even less. Over 80% of new legislation comes from Brussels so we should at least reduce the number of “lawmakers” by 80% or reduce their salaries by 80%. I don’t care which.

With an irrelevant monarch, and unrequired MPs, why don’t we all just bow to Brussels. “

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