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John Pilger – Antiwar Mass Assembly 8 Oct 2011


“John Pilger, journalist and documentary maker, addressing the crowds at AntiWar Mass Assembly in Trafalgar Square on Saturday 8th October 2011, organised by Stop the War Coalition, protesting the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan.”


Britain to back US reprisals against Iran

From: Yahoo! News (

The US has alleged that Iran conspired to “assassinate a foreign ambassador on US soil with explosives“.

Of course, facts are scarce and the rhetoric is aplenty. I wouldn’t usually post such an blog. However, to me, this all sounds like the start of another round of false-flag propoganda to start a war with Iran.

Iran may not be the haven enlightenment. Nor is Britain and the US.

The comments on the article are more interesting than the article:

Iran has been surrounded (almost) by US troops and their friends for quite a while. In fact it has been clear for some considerable time that the US’s ultilate goal is Iran“,

Ah, the propaganda machine is back in full flow after the digression that was Libya. We’re back on track now“, and

Here we go again…………………“.


Proclamation of Liberty

The following is taken from a lengthy article ( It may be useful to wander around the rest of the site:

We The People; in order to form a more perfect union and set ourselves free from oppression; demand that all of the legislative branches of government: federal, state and local, including the President and Vice President, shall repeal and cease to enforce all and every piece of man-made legislation, all of which is criminal; fraudulent and treason against the God in Whom we trust and also against we His people.

YHWH (“I AM”) has expressly forbidden men from legislating (Deuteronomy 4:2) and has commanded that any and all persons found guilty of so doing should be executed by public stoning, or by any other means available to carry out that task.

Usury is unlawful; expressly prohibited, and therefore:

We The People demand that the Federal Reserve Bank be prohibited from charging interest and that all interest payments already paid to the FRB shall be refunded, in full, forthwith and redistributed equally amongst all the citizens of these united States of America.

We The People therefore give the legislators, including the President and Vice-President, 15 days to take the necessary steps to repeal all previous man-made legislation and revert to enforcing only God’s Laws in The Bible. Failure to comply with this order from We The People and the direct Command of God; as expressed in The Bible; will result in the guilty being executed.

We The People demand that all persons convicted under man-made legislation and therefore wrongfully imprisoned shall be released immediately and the judges who unlawfully condemned and sentenced them shall take their places in prison and personally, from their own funds, not the state purse, compensate the offended persons for their wrongful imprisonment.

Furthermore: anyone collaborating with the enemy; by seeking to or enforcing and/or administering any of the aforementioned illegal legislation against We The People; is guilty of the same crimes as the legislators and will, according to God’s Law, also be executed in accordance with The Law.

You have been warned.

Signed: …

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