Chris Jarvis will be speaking about preventing child stealing by the state

09 Oct

Chris and his children has suffered at the hands of the State. Although I can’t be there, I strongly urge you to attend.


Saturday, October 22, 2011, 2:00 PM

The Original Oak pub 2 Otley Road, Leeds (map)

Have you ever been taken to a secret family Court? or know someone that has? There are Lawful actions that are available as a remedy to this to be discussed at this event. Having recently completed a Habeas Corpus application and had the Writ successfully Ordered and served by the High Court, this opened up new avenues in the journey to end the unlawful gravy train, that is the secret family courts. There are many people up and down this once great nation that are crying foul of this, that and the other, with many people enraged about the child stealing that is going on by the state, otherwise known as GENOCIDE by forcibly removing children from one group to another. Has this happened to you? On Friday 7 October 2011 paperwork was filed to the High Court with regard to the Unlawfulness of the Secret Family Court’s that are hidden and run in tandem to the ‘real’ Courts. If you wish to join a Group Litigation against the secret family Court’s, please get in touch or attend this event. http://socialserviceh…


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