The British Common Law Society

06 Oct

Please join

Assert yourself, join us and reclaim your own rights.

This is Lawful Rebellion, it is our duty to rebel when the Law is Unjust.

We are all equal in Law and, stand up for the Law, a peaceful way of resolving issues.

Our society is about empowering Law abiding men and women, please join and use our forum to list your Court hearings and any help that you require as we share the knowledge responsibly amongst members of our society.

When you become a member and login, extra features such as forums, and project management tools become available for use via our unique members menu.

This site is in early stage development so please check back frequently for updates and news

This society is endorsed and has as founding members Rusty, Loki and Chris Jarvis three good men fighting COMMON LAW arguments in Court


2 responses to “The British Common Law Society

  1. Feldmeier & Feldmeier

    2011-10-09 at 20:34

    Hi………………….How to join??…….not explanatory enough for me?….Thank you I look forward to some feedback if you would be so kind


    In common Cause




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