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The British Common Law Society

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This is Lawful Rebellion, it is our duty to rebel when the Law is Unjust.

We are all equal in Law and, stand up for the Law, a peaceful way of resolving issues.

Our society is about empowering Law abiding men and women, please join and use our forum to list your Court hearings and any help that you require as we share the knowledge responsibly amongst members of our society.

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This society is endorsed and has as founding members Rusty, Loki and Chris Jarvis three good men fighting COMMON LAW arguments in Court


Blowing The Whistle – Child Stealing By The State


Sun, 23rd Oct 2011
Kings Hall (Off Glebe Street),Stoke On Trent ST4 1FT (see map: Google Maps)

Please note: All money taken from ticket sales over and above the cost of running the event will be put into the campaign.

This is not a conference to discuss the “issues” and “concerns” with children, and to set out a way to “help reform the system”, as some MPs suggest.

This is a conference to expose and bring to trial those helping the State to steal and abuse children. We will name names, departments, authorities, organisations, judges, MPs, police, psychiatrists and more. With the help of those attending, we will expose the real evidence for:


Have you experienced any of the following:

  • Children taken under false pretences?
  • Bullying by Children’s Services, Cafcass, Local Authority?
  • False verbal and documentary evidence in Court?
  • Collusion behind your back by your Legal Team with the Local Authority legal team?
  • MPs ignoring you and your plight? Child(ren) being abused in the ‘care’ of Children’s Services?
  • Mental breakdown because of the attack on your family?

Do you hold information and evidence concerning:

  • State trafficking of children?
  • Falsifying of Family Court Documents?
  • Children disappearing into the care system?
  • Police deliberately blocking investigations into child abuse rings?
  • Misinformation by the BBC and mainstream media?
  • False help and support groups, charities and people?

Have you attended meetings in Westminster that ‘pat you on the head’ and achieve nothing? – then you need to attend and be an active participant in Blowing the Whistle – Child Stealing by the State.

We need you and your evidence. We need you in numbers, because the State hides the evidence by isolating victims or controlling the support organisations to whom you turn. By making out that only a few isolated families are affected the State can control national media to hide the truth.

Please provide a 2 page summary of the basic facts of your case and indicate evidence that you hold. Here is an example to help you do this. Active participants will be asked to provide evidence for use at the conference. Real evidence is vital to stopping the unlawful abuse of families and children.

Any questions or for more information, please email:

Watch the video. Pass the word. Bring your friends. Be there!


Money is the crystallization of labour …

I run as small micro business. It is my only source of income. I’ve no loans, I’ve no grants, I’ve not grants, I’ve no safety net. If I don’t work, I don’t eat. If I don’t have the cash to buy anything, I don’t buy it.

I call it ‘being self-financed and financially independent’.

As I understand it, the fish in the sea are free, the ore in the ground is free, etc. The only value of ‘money’ is the sweated-labour of an individual. Someone grew the hemp to make the net to catch the fish. Someone made a machine to extract the ore from the ground and convert it to an object. Etc.

Old Holborn (as always) says it like it is:

The State Bank of Debt

The Collective debt, not just of our profligate politicians, keen to please all of the people all of the time using our own money, but of our private households is truly astounding. Long gone are the days of careful spending, budgeting, saving, putting something aside for a rainy day, we are all maxed out on credit cards, personal loans and mortgages.

Just today, the Belgians and the French have been called upon to support Dexia Bank after it was revealed that those wise chaps had bought up huge chunks of Greek debt that will never be repaid by the Greeks, so it’s down to the taxpayer once again to support a bank that became too big to fail. Cameron advises that the UK starts to pay off private credit card debt (in other words, save the banks) whilst grabbing as much taxation as possible to pay off the debt racked up by the previous Government. All in all, your money is either going straight to the banks or via Government to the banks.

Meanwhile the European Central Bank is issuing worthless bonds it is not allowed to issue, whilst dictating to elected politicians how they must set their budgets and pensions. Voters in Southern Europe now have no say over how their country is run, a diktat is issued from unelected bankers and EU Officials in Brussels. The ballot box is now redundant, the banks grow bigger and more powerful and the theft of your money and labour by States and banks continues unabated.

Of course, I take a great interest in things Bulgarian at the moment, as I have decided to base myself there. Yesterday, their Parliament suggested that any Govt that has a deficit greater than 3% should be declared illegal (UK is currently around 10.7%, Greece has 10.5%). The prime minister politely reminded other EU states that if they paid out the same rate of pensions as Bulgarians receive, they wouldn’t be in the mess they are wallowing in. Of course, with income tax and corporation tax fixed flat at 10%, the Bulgarian state knows it has little money to play and has no desire to enslave its citizens yet again. No running to the Central Bank in Sofia and printing off a few billion Lev to fund a shiny motorway, Bulgarians deal in good hard cash, hoarded under the mattress for decades.

Remember, debt IS slavery. Money is the crystallization of labour and if you create money before the work is done, you are a slave to that money. It owns you and your future labour. The past 50 years have seen one of the biggest scams ever perpetuated by banks and politicians – have it now, your kids can pay, they’ll earn more than you ever did anyway and will be able to afford what you cannot. Suddenly kids have realised that a degree in Aromatherapy and the Medium of Dance is not worth £9000 a year (now they have to pay for it, not me) and they are pretty soon going to twig that all this State debt is going to have to be paid off by them because we don’t have any money. Whatever we have is already being fleeced off us by the State every time we spend or earn (up to 73% tax for some low earners SOURCE).

The solution? Let the banks that acquired the profligate debt caused by Politicians fail. To the wall with them, begone foul moneylenders. The cosy relationship between banks and the access to taxpayers money must stop. Until it does, the very real risk of a bank becoming a functioning State, able to dictate policy over citizens, able to extract taxes instead of charges and able to control the entire money supply is simply too great to tolerate.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.



Courts, Jurisdiction and Pomp n Circumstance (2009-05-15)

Guy Euden at TPUC has written this article (from:

For those of you facing court sometime soon you had best take note of this:

This is going to be part empowerment and part technical, but it is more empowerment than anything else!

You are one down from God. Understand that there is God, then there is you. Does commerce, corporations or statutes come between you and god? No. So, there are no rules that can govern you in your “Man” capacity.

Believe me they know this, and it scares them silly! Why do you think it is that they go through all of the pompous acting, black robes (costumes) and have their benches so much higher than you? Its so they can create the illusion of being superior!! I’ll tell you now, they are nothing of the sort and they know it, that is why we have had judges leave court in terrible fits of temper!!

YOU ARE THE COURT! Why? Because in your “man” capacity you reign supreme below only God himself, understand? How is it possible for a corporation to have jurisdiction over something that is 2nd only to God?

So you see belief in your rightful place is the beginning and in fact, if you know how to behave, the end of their jurisdiction!

Ok, a little role play here: You go into the courthouse to assist the court in dealing with a liability that has been attached to your “strawman fiction”. You have hurdles to get over, bluffs from the court to get past and then a few points to make!! Bamm!

You enter the courthouse, and are met by an usher/register bearer, he/she asks for your name, how do you answer?
“A name is a legal title”. You give them this & you’re cooked before you begin! Try “hello I am called Guy I am an interested 3rd party and I am here about that matter”

Now she may say I need your name, you can’t go in without giving me your name! Bluff! You must alter your voice and attitude become fervent in your assertion, “I am called Guy and I am an interested 3rd party and I am here about that matter now tell the judge I am here!!” (bold for emphasis) try not to be too angry looking, trust me they probably don’t know, and are just doing their jobs. Ignorance is the corporations best weapon, so many people I have met have given up because the fight through the stupidity is so hard, it’s like treading water that’s really treacle!

Once they have disappeared to tell the judge an angry fellow has come in and he won’t give me his name, you can expect more theatrics; perhaps a barrister will come and pay you a visit and try the same old tricks to try to get you to contract.

Answer no straight questions, especially DO NOT give your “persons” name, separate the two, you’re a “man” remember that!

Once you have got passed that you may be asked to attend the judge’s chambers, if so you can go, don’t answer to the name of your person, you are the man, if they call a name, respond with “I’m sorry did you call Guy Euden? If you did I am an interested 3rd party and I am here about that matter!”

As you go through and the judge swings his doors open and says “come in come in” invitingly! You must not cross the threshold/doorframe, you must before stepping through, state, “I will enter sir if I may do so with all of my unalienable rights reserved?” well he can’t say no can he? If he chooses not to acknowledge what you have just said and tries to brush past the statement, you must repeat and get his agreement, no agreement, no entry!!

Once that is passed you might be offered a seat, I would say actually “sir I will stand and will do so with all of my unalienable rights reserved!”

Ok so far so good, no jurisdiction given away here YET!

Ask him if your attendance in his chambers is going to be recorded “so that a no show isn’t pulled on you”

Ok once this is all done and you have established you’re not going to be prey to his jurisdiction you can hammer out your desire to assist and help the court settle and close this account etc etc…. don’t answer questions with answers, answer them with questions and get what you want done across.

The courtroom is no different from chambers, when you enter you do not answer to the called name, you state clearly that “you are here about that matter”

Enter the courtroom reserving all of your unalienable rights.

When you hear the “ALL RISE” ………. STAY SEATED, remember your status GOD>YOU>CORPORATION would that Judge rise for you? I doubt it! You do not get up for him at all! You get up when you want to get up.

If the clerk rushes over and says you must stand or you must leave ask on whose authority are you asking me to leave?
After all this is YOUR COURT ROOM NOW!! You are the highest authority in that court, A living MAN 2nd only to God!

Now the old “please state your name and address for the court” twoddle!!! you do NOT do this, you can ask “if I gave you this information would I be entering into contract with you?” if he states no he’d be lying, if he states yes you are giving him nothing, so answer “then sir I decline your offer to contract, and you may call me Guy. I am here to assist this court in settlement and closure of this account” oooooohhh he won’t like that!!

If you don’t answer that way you could try, “I have no name sir, names are for corporations, you may address me as Guy”
Ohh just look into his seething eyes!! This alone is worth going for!

I’ll break this down a little for you, I am the only contributing beneficiary to the “GUY EUDEN” trust “NI number” so I am the only interested party capable of dealing with matters pertaining to the said trust!

THE OATH yes the judge has an oath of office, you see there are two types of judges:
Levitical and Melchesidec
The levitical goes back to a time when a levitical priest went about his business and settled disputes, he used his “judgement” he then took a payment for solving the dispute. There are no rules here, he does whatever he feels he wants to, hence why you need that levitical judge to hold his tongue
You do this by asking him: “for and on the record sir, do you have an oath of office?”, he might answer “well I think I may have wrote something on a piece of paper… somewhere?” the usual garbage you would expect from a corporate judge or trustee of the Corporate Court, who just wants to get paid!
So you then ask him: is your oath in this courtroom today? He can answer many ways, but 99% of the time it isn’t, so you reiterate: “but you do have an oath of office?” whatever he comes back with, hold your hand high in the air and state loudly and clearly “FOR AND ON THE RECORD, THE COURT TAKES JUDICIAL NOTICE OF JUDGE *******’s OATH OF OFFICE!”

Then turn to the judge and make sure that has been recorded, if he declines to do it then you must ask him to leave the court, fire him!, as he is nothing more than a corporate lackie!! And is not worthy to be sitting there in any kind of a judgment position! If it has been put on the record as so ordered by yourself, then, the judge is now recognised as a melchesidec judge and cannot practice law from the bench. He is now just an umpire, and must remain silent most of the time, now you only have to deal with the plaintiff.

Oh if he tries to preach law from the bench, shout out  “Sir, you are on your oath!!!” flagrant breaches of this rule and you can issue a bond, or a lien against him.

Ok now things may take a bit of a dive, they will be wanting to contract and have been known not to want to play if they can’t get you into contract, even screaming, blowing gaskets etc… ha ha, I tell you can have some dam fun with this!! “sir are you ok?, would you like me to call for help? Are you suffering an attack?, would you like a 10 minute recess to compose yourself? I am happy to grant one! HAHAHA oh God please it’s just too much fun!! Just remember its all acting!!

You may be screamed at: blah blah blah!!! “or you will be held in contempt of court” ok… “ what contempt would that be sir? If it’s criminal, please bring forth the injured party as I wish to make recompense!! Or is it civil? If so please show me the contract of performance I have agreed to?” or just “please bring forth the contract”

During however long you are in there the judge will try to catch you in the jurisdiction trap, calling you: sir, mr, miss, mrs blah blah, we used to have to keep fighting that with something like “sir you keep referring to me as a corporation, do I look like a corporation to you?” look genuinely distressed at this, your honour is at stake here!

This would usually get really boring and make the court appearance a real bore, now it’s easier, use this:
“Sir you keep referring to me as a corporation, I am however just a man, if it assists you though I will grant you that courtesy” this nullifies his whole name calling shooting match, watch for fireworks, some friends of mine had a high court of chancery judge leave the court due to this, he was in a frightful rage ha ha ha well done “S” and “L”


Really by now you should have an idea, the other information you need to know is court documents and procedures, bonds, bonded promissory notes, liens etc

None of this is essential, I did stress at the beginning, it is more a state of mind, KNOW WHO YOU ARE, isn’t that right “Mirthful Merryweather”

You have the power, feel it, know it, BECOME IT,

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