Norman Scarth: Protest 2011-09-29

02 Oct


In this video you will see the disproportionate reaction of security guards to a protest by one 85 year old man which was witnessed by about 7 people, 3 of whom had video cameras. This resulted in 2 police vans, at least 4 police officers and the existing 5 security guards, who thus outnumbered Mr Scarth by about 9 to 1. Overreaction?

You will also hear a security guard say to me at about 4:20 ‘You know in other places you would have been murdered by now…’ That sounds like a serious threat and intimidation to someone who has merely been making a video witness for about 4 minutes.

Video witnessing is the greatest safeguard that the population has against institutional violence and intimidation by security guards and the police.

Carry your video camera, phone or whatever device you have with you at all times so that you can witness and share the truth.



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