Locals taxing themselves

20 Sep

The 14 (or so) houses-owners & tenants around me have formed a Collective to maintain, secure and improve our little cul-de-sac. £5/month and/or contribute.

I’m ‘anding’ and sorting out winter gritting, website/blog and glass recycling. Others are cleaning & repairing communal areas, creating green areas, securing gates, etc., etc.

I’m seeing it as locals ‘taxing’ themselves as THEY, THEMSELVES see fit, about issues!

Wish us well!

Apart from that, I’m busy running my little business, being a carer and becoming depressed after trying to catch up with developments in the world.

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Posted by on 2011-09-20 in Environment, Good News, Money, Taxes


One response to “Locals taxing themselves

  1. phim

    2013-07-09 at 02:05

    But there are a few different variations on the Chick Flick formula.
    So for those who like to watch horror movies. In the 1980s she appeared in a three issue Comicbook
    from Dell entitled John Carter of Mars under the company’s Four Color Comics banner.


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