I hope no one’s thinking of sabotaging these VIP lanes

28 Aug

Apparently Olympics-related VIPs will their own special lanes to get around.

Of course, the local taxpayers will be cheering them along their way.

  • Traffics lights will automatically change  to green for them.
  • 240 VIPs will be given exclusive use of their own luxury BMW saloon, complete with a driver, while another 2,800 officials will use a pool of opulent vehicles provided free.
  • Along the Olympic routes all non-Olympic traffic, including private cars, lorries, buses and taxis, will have to use the bus lane. The outside lane will be reserved for Olympic officials.
  • Transport chiefs will remove pedestrian crossings along the route to make way for the VIP lanes.
  • Right turns will be banned on junctions on the route to ensure traffic does not hold up the Olympic dignitaries.
  • Organisers have spent £12million of public money fitting underground sensors along the dignitaries’ route which will detect congestion surrounding VIP cars and then doctor nearby traffic signals to speed them on their way.
  • The fleet of luxury cars will not be available to Olympic athletes who will have to use special buses and bicycles.
  • Motorists will be slapped with a £200 fine if they ignore the restrictions and venture into the Games Lanes – imposed between 6am and midnight on 30 miles of Central London roads.

“… London 2012 would be the most inclusive Games in history which would enrich the city …”

“In reality, thousands of IOC members and a host of big-money sponsors and their entourage will be turning up in town expecting to be waited on hand and foot at the expense of everyone else.”

“… it will not only be pretty horrendous for travellers, but some pedestrian crossings and right-hand turns which will be abolished previously had fatalities on them …”

Experts warn of chaos for ordinary road users in London



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