14 Conspiracy Theories That The Media Now Admits Are Conspiracy Facts

26 Aug

Interesting …


  1. Fukushima Uninhabitable
  2. U.S. Military Attack On Libya
  3. Widespread Use Of RFID Chips In Humans
  4. $2000 Gold
  5. Obama Wants To Impose Backdoor Amnesty
  6. U.S. Government Provides Weapons For Mexican Drug Cartels
  7. Fluoride Is Harmful
  8. The Federal Reserve Favors The Big Banks
  9. Cell Phones Linked To Cancer
  10. The Credit Rating Agencies Are Corrupt
  11. Prescription Drugs Kill A Lot Of Americans
  12. Bisphenol-A Is Linked To Infertility
  13. The “Super Congress” Is In The Pocket Of Wall Street Interests
  14. The Targeting Of Christian Groups

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