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Norman Scarth: update from Sovereign Independent


Urgent Update on Norman Scarth

The case for unlawful confinement of 85 year old war hero, Norman Scarth, was presented today, August 18th, 2011,  by Chris Jarvis at the Royal Courts of Justice in London to Justice Wyn Williams. The presentation included a petition which had gathered some 930 names in just a few days, complete with angry comments by an outraged public. Norman Scarth attended by video link from Leeds, was in good mental health, as witnessed by all, and he also presented his case to the judge, in very respectful, knowledgeable, and intelligent terms. Leeds Prison Governor, Paul Baker, failed to respond to the summons or send a representative, as he is said to be on holiday.

Judge Wyn Williams denied Mr. Scarth due process of law. He adjourned the case until next week, sending him back to the torture of prison, rather than releasing him on bail as is done for common criminals,  and the looters and rioters in the streets of London.

Mr. Scarth is a civil prisoner who has been denied due process, and is kept in torturous conditions in Leeds Prison, UK. On July 25, 2011, he attempted to record a court hearing in Bradford on his phone, because hearing loops had not been provided by the court, and he is hard of hearing. The proceedings had started, and he had not had chance to ask permission – permission granted to him in the past, he says, by Lord Woolf.

An angry Judge Jonathan Rose of Bradford Crown Court, had him arrested immediately. He was brought back into the court room in handcuffs, sentenced the next day, and dispatched to Leeds Prison for serious offenders, which has the highest suicide rate in the UK. He has been kept in solitary confinement and denied his pain medications. He was being denied access to legal representation until today, when Justice Wyn Williams was forced to  make an order that Mr. Scarth be allowed his rights to legal counsel.

HM Prisons Inspector, Nick Hardwick, had written to supporters this week, saying that, as HM Inspector of Prisons, he did not have the power to intervene after he received complaints about Mr. Scarth’s torture and the fact that Mr. Scarth’s official complaints were being ignored by all, including the Prisons Ombudsman who are slow to react (and have not properly intervened) and the Prison Governor, Paul Baker.

Similarly, the Parole and Probations Board’s Mr. Terry McCarthy advised, on behalf of the entire board, along with Dr. Peter Selby of the Independent Monitoring Board at the National level, said that they had no powers to intervene. All are fully aware of the unlawful torture that Mr. Scarth is enduring, and that these conditions violate both UN and EU human rights., such as the denial of pain medications for severe muscle cramping, which is torture, and there are other conditions which add to the case for wilful physical and mental torture.

Mr. Scarth’s supporters are claiming wilful blindness by all concerned in the matter of Mr. Scarth’s confinement.

Justice Williams ordered that Mr. Scarth be allowed to have contact with legal representation, which the prison has been denying him. However, he refused to order that Mr. Scarth be given his prescription medication, thereby forcing him to be kept in physical and mental torture for a further week at least. Justice Williams acknowledged that he had the power to release Mr. Scarth immediately on bail, as he has already served twenty-three days of a six month sentence, but he declined to do so. Chris Jarvis took issue with this, and suggested that six months in the life of a man who is almost 86 years old, is equivalent to that of fifteen to sixteen years for younger man.

Justice Williams refused to release Mr. Scarth,  and the public  gallery, which was full, erupted in loud shouts and cries of “injustice!” and “corruption!”

Justice Williams has summoned Kenneth Clarke, Secretary of State for Justice, to The Royal Courts of Justice next week, along with the Prison Governor, Paul Baker of Leeds Prison, who was supposed to have been present today, but was not.

There was coverage by Russian TV, and  members of the local press. The Russian news agency has taken up this matter after a press release went out from the Russian Embassy in London, in support of Mr. Scarth, WWII Arctic Convoy Veteran,  because the Russians are so grateful to Arctic Convoy veterans for their efforts during World War II. This month, in Scotland and other places, these veterans are being honoured and are outraged that Norman Scarth is in prison, rather than being honoured along with them.

Mr. Scarth’s supporters are calling for the public worldwide to sign the public petition to release Mr. Scarth, who is being denied his human rights and pain medications under UN and EU conventions, without any intervention from government, parliament, or any governmental body, all of which were put on notice and provided with full documentation, and all of which knowingly contravene UN and EU human rights. Mr. Scarth raised this matter himself in court.

Mr. Scarth has directly petitioned Her Majesty, the Queen, for release and pardon, but there has been no word yet. Justice Williams, as agent for the Queen, was also served Mr. Scarth’s petition for a pardon during the hearing. The Governor General of Canada, had previously also sent Mr. Scarth’s petition for pardon directly to the Queen.

The public is demanding a Public Inquiry into the matter.


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Norman Scarth – 2011-08-18 Writ of Habeas Corpus Application at Royal Courts of Justice


A serious rumouris about that a 2nd application is to be heard this morning

Norman Scarth’s case was presented today under an Application of Writ of Habeas Corpus, (produce the body), at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. Norman attended by video link from Leeds, was in good mental health and there were many witnesses to fight any idea they can have him sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act. That is why I was there from France.

Norman came to evil Cardiff Crown court on the 1st Oct 09 when Judges were reliant on Dr Tegwyn Williams wishing I be sectioned to Ashworth High Security prison.

Norman interrupted the judge, Nicholarse Cooke, and was ejected from the court as I was also ejected to the cells beneath.

Today I paid my debt to Norman and was very proud of him …..I am now a witness of both his frailty and tenacity but, most of all, his sanity!!!

He presented his case to the judge in very respectful and polite terms.

BUT Judge Wyn Williams (of possible Welsh extraction) DENIED NORMAN DUE PROCESS OF THE LAW. He adjourned the case until next week, sending Norman back to prison. There was coverage by Russian TV, and a few members of the press. Patrick Cullinane stood and asked the judge, “But what about his denied medication? He may not be alive in a week.”

The judge ordered that Norman be allowed to have contact with legal representation, which the prison has been denying him. However, he refused to order that Norman be given his prescription medication, thereby forcing Norman to be kept in torture, if what I have been told is true (denied medication of prior imprisonment) for a further week.

The judge did not release Norman and there were loud shouts and cries from the public gallery. Judge Williams was seen to be shaking.

Judge Wyn Williams said the Court will notify the Secretary of State about next week’s hearing, along with the Prison Governor, Paul Baker of Leeds Prison, who was supposed to have been present today, but was not.

Norman’s supporters are calling for the public WORLDWIDE to sign the public petition to FREE NORMAN, Arctic Convoy veteran hero, 86 years old who is being denied his human rights and medication in Leeds Prison, UK.

We will all be in RCJ, next Thursday, same time, for Norman’s excessive sentence to be re-assessed when he was just wishing to expose the greed and duplicity that is now rife in our UK courts.

Someone is likely to be arrested or worse.

I write this in a pub in Market Raison, Lincolnshire, at 18.30, 2 pints of ‘Black Sheep’ beer’ , (Mum would have approved of the name), after interviewing staff and purchaser of my DH2 Farnborough display aircraft with WW1 Lewis machine, one year before I was jailed by armed South Wales Police, reliant on Cardiff judges I faced a 10 year mandatory prison sentence for owning her that year earlier!!!……but the jury had other ideas.

Aircraft engineers, today, wrote how South Wales Police, NOT English police, tried to persuade the gun they had was the one I had sold with the DH2.

But the new owner had her painted gloss black and magazine gloss silver, as soon as I sold it to him.

When Welsh police took it on 22nd/23rd June 2009, from Lincoln airfield, back to their forensic Chepstow labs, it was to take the new paint of it, back to the original, for the Cardiff Crown Court trial .

They also unblocked the barrel to try and fool the jury it was in breach of the 1968 Fire Arms Act!

The trial transcript, as I write, is being transcribed for £5,000, Cardiff authority having already intervened in the ‘versions’ of transcripts for each of my bail applications, I was buying during my Cardiff prison incarceration.

On 17th Dec 09, when a mysterious MAPPA meeting in evil CASWELL CLINIC, Bridgend, chaired by deceitful lying Dr Tegwyn Williams (wash your mouth out, Maurice), it was pressured by influence, outside Wales, to withdraw his plea to have me IPP (Imprisonment for Public Protection) and Ashworth for life.

But that is now in the Court of Appeal while no judge can be found who ‘has the bottle’ to say, “enough is enough”………exactly why the likes of Rear Admiral Sir Norman Scarth, Patrick Cullinane, a special little lady near Grantham and many more are ‘putting their foot down’, each in their own way…… but some of us have very big feet.

Oh, there is a lot more to come……watch this space and my bac, please!”

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