Why should thief in my van go free?

17 Aug


A MAN can’t believe a thief was caught inside his truck…and was then released without charge.

Jay Byrd, 25, is absolutely disgusted no one will be brought to justice for the break-in outside his home, in Camper Road, Southend.

A neighbour witnessed what happened and called police, who soon caught the man red-handed inside the vehicle.

Yet the Crown Prosecution Service later dropped the case – through a lack of evidence.

Mr Byrd said: “It’s ridiculous.

“I don’t know how someone can be caught in my vehicle when he shouldn’t have been there, damage my truck, and then have nothing happen to him.”

Mr Byrd works as a scrap metal dealer and lost work while police fingerprinted his open-backed truck. Scenes of crime officers also searched his BMW car.

Mr Byrd said police had even recovered some of his property from the man, including a Nintendo DS and a satellite navigation system, which were inside the truck.

The neighbour, who saw it happen in the early hours of last Wednesday, was also prepared to give a full witness statement.

Exasperated Mr Byrd added: “Police are saying they are doing everything in their power, but it’s not their decision. It’s down to the CPS. The police officer was really nice about it. She said she put a lot of hours and paperwork into it, but the CPS chose to take no further action.

“I’ve found it all a bit bizarre.”

A spokesperson for the CPS insisted there was “insufficient evidence” to bring about a conviction.

He said: “Having given careful consideration to all of the available evidence in this matter, a decision was made in accordance with the code for crown prosecutors, that there was insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction.

“The police have therefore been advised no further action should be taken in respect of this case.”


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