Norman Scarth: my update

17 Aug

I’ll start my first post as if you know what I’m gone before. In this case, an 85 year old war veteran, Norman Scarth is been locked away in Leeds/Armley Prison for contempt of court for audio recording a court hearing. I believe that the sentence is unduly harsh and that he is being made ‘an example of’. He is being held in workhouse-type conditions, denied relevant medication, denied easy access to visitors, basic supplies (paper, stamps, envelopes, etc.) etc.

As expected we had a great turn out on the day (supporters from far and wide) came along to voice their protest against this treasonous and tyrannical actions against one of our brothers.

Unfortunately, I had to get back to my shop at 11:15am. However, those who could stay continued the protest and later moved to Leeds city centre (War Memorial) to bring the news to the people of Leeds.

My raw footage and pics of the Leeds Prison protest (2011-08-13) can be found at:

My raw footage and pics if the court case on 2011-06-15 can be found on:

Please email me (escapee at email dot com) if you have any problems downloading them.

NOTE: NO copyright – use as required!

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