Norman Scarth: Administrative Court Hearing 2011-08-18 London

17 Aug

A few of us off London (many are already there and other will meet us at):



Thursday 18 August, 2011, At half past 10

APPLICATION(s): CO/7741/2011 Scarth v Governor Of HM Prison Armley


Also, from:

2011-08-17: “We would like to inform you all that today, after many phone calls and applications and re-application, we have finally had our application for Writ of Habeas Corpus approved.

In accordance with the Writ, on Thursday 18th August 2011 Norman Scarth, along with his Jailer will be brought before the Royal Courts of Justice (possibly via video link from Leeds), and Chris Jarvis will be arguing the case for release of Mr Scarth in the wider public interest.

The Jailer will have to give good cause as to why Mr Scarth should not be released.

We ask ALL of you for your support to attend the Royal Courts of Justice as these are your rights that we are attempting to uphold.

This is history in the making as far as we know for a man to stand up for another man, and this to have bypassed the solicitors and barristers that would normally deal with such matters.

At the moment we do not have a time allocation for the hearing, there will be further updates as we get them.

Kindest of regards, Team Norman

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